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Guzheng, the 21-string traditional Chinese instrument with a history spanning over 2,500 years, stands as a unique gift from ancient China. Its one-of-a-kind sound and historical significance make it a remarkable and cherished cultural treasure. The Guzheng beautifully captures the essence of "melancholic beauty" found in Oriental aesthetics, making it a perfect vehicle for expressing complex and delicate emotions. In modern times, the Guzheng has expanded its repertoire beyond traditional tunes, now embracing contemporary, beat-infused, and original compositions. The possibilities for Guzheng are truly limitless.

                                                                                            - Annie Zhou

Elevate Your Event with Annie Zhou Guzheng Performance

Sound Recordings and Music licensing with Annie Zhou

Recorded Guzheng for Mapache "Ligjht My Fire"

Recorded Guzheng for Composer Adam Gubman in Arknights OST

Original Guzheng music licensed by the US Department of Energy

"Secretary Granholm AANHPI Speech"

Recorded Guzheng for Composer Yariv Vaknin in film "Love Machine 2"

Trusted by

U.S. Department of Energy

City of South Pasadena

City of San Gabriel

City of Sierra Madre

Music Center Los Angeles

LA County Holiday Celebration

Qingdao International Beer Festival

NAMM Music Show

Shanghai Music Show

Chinese-American New Year Festival Gala

Chinese Lantern Festival

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Pala Casino Spa Resort

JW Marriott

Yaamava' Resort & Casino

X Pot LA 

Chase Bank 


German Piano City 

Tianma Logistics Group

Mercedes Benz of Arcadia

Southbay Lexus

Big Logo Advertising

and many more clients

Annie Zhou Spotify
Annie Zhou Spotify Traditional Album
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