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Annie Zhou - Founder/Composer/Guzheng Performer


Annie Zhou is the founder of the Amare Girls Band. Her performance was featured at various major shows such as the L.A. County Holiday Celebration and the Pacific Symphony New Year Celebration. Most of her compositions are focused on the interpretation and integration of multi-ethnic cultures, especially Asian folk instruments.

Sasha Chandler - Violinist

Sasha Chandler, violin.jpg

Sasha is a professional Violin performer, recording artist, and instructor. Graduated from the University of Oregon and San Francisco Conservatory of Music, she's been performing in symphony orchestras such as Oregon Symphony, Oregon Mozart Players, Eugene Symphony, Orchestra NEXT.

Amare Girls 


Inspired by the cultural exchange and integration, the band breaks through the tradition and collaborates Chinese instruments Guzheng, Pipa with Western instruments Flute and Violin. A hybrid of pop music and modern style produces a new and vigorous cross-border performance.

Lei Liu - Pipa Performer


Lei plays a Chinese traditional instrument called Pipa, she's been trained professionally since the age of six and became one of the top Pipa performers. Lei performed at numerous events and concerts and was often invited as a special guest and judge to Pipa competitions.

Shannon Canchola - Flutist


Shannon is a professional Flute performer and recording flutist who holds two master's degrees and is currently a Flute Professor at ​Cal Poly Pomona, Pierce College, and Citrus College. She is the principal of Valley and Performing Arts Opera Company. Shannon was a featured flutist who played with Ariana Grande at the Grammy ceremony 2019 and she tours with Persian pop superstars Aref Arefkia and Leila Forouhar all over the world.

Emily Stewart - Guest Violinist


Emily holds a Doctoral Degree from Boston University, she has worked with various world-class musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma. She's the first Violinist of Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, New England Repertory Orchestra, she's also the teacher of Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, and Brookline Public Schools.

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