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Spring Sprouts - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Spring Sprouts

Guzheng solo, 2017

Moon Dance - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Moon Dance

Guzheng solo, 2017

Raining Dream - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Raining Dream

Guzheng solo, 2018

Lunar New Year Overture - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Lunar New Year Overture

Guzheng solo, 2019

Unsettled - Annie Zhou Guzheng


Guzheng solo, 2020

Maybe Wondering - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Maybe Wondering

for Guzheng, Piano, and Cello, 2020

Contemplation - Annie Zhou Guzheng


Guzheng solo, 2020

Last Solitary - Annie Zhou

Last Solitary

Cello solo, 2021

Winter in You - Annie Zhou

Winter in You

for Violin and Cello, 2021

Amare Girls - Annie Zhou Guzheng

Amare Girls

for Guzheng Pipa, Flute, and Violin, 2021

Evils Dance Before Dawn - Annie Zhou

Evils Dance Before Dawn

for Cello and Bass, 2021

In This Fall - Annie Zhou

In This Fall

Guzheng solo improvisation, 2021

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